The Problem

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Dropout rates are high

Therapy is a helpful tool, but patients feel discouraged when it takes their therapists countless sessions to peel back the layers and reveal the root cause. But what if therapists could learn more about their patients through fewer sessions…...

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CBT is hard

Changing the way you think can be challenging, which is why recovering from an eating disorder is one of the hardest roadblocks life can throw at you . At Recove, we are committed to helping you through your journey.

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Therapists are in the dark

Other than the sessions that therapists have scheduled with their patients, they have no idea if their patients are staying on the road to recovery once they are home. With Recove, now there’s a way.


About Our App

Recove is an app that assists in the recovery process of those with eating disorders by allowing therapists to view patients’ progress between sessions. This is a simple method that reduces therapy dropout and expedites the recovery process. It does so by taking the CBT skills patients develop during one on one sessions with their therapist, and applying them to their daily life.

Our Goals


Recove’s purpose is to help people with eating disorders through the process of recovery.


Integrating eating disorder therapy into one’s daily life


Encouraging patients to properly communicate with their therapists


Strengthening the quality of in session therapy by allowing a therapist to gain visibility into a patient’s daily thoughts


Promoting patients to continue to reap the benefits of therapy.

Food Logs

With an eating disorder, mealtimes can become something that patients dread. Food logs allow patients to record what they eat and how they feel about it. This can help therapists identify trigger foods.


Progress Logs

Recove provides reports based on data that a patient records to improve the patient’s current treatment program. This enables patients to see progress, encouraging them to continue with therapy.

CBT Logs

At Recove, we are to ensure that the CBT is integrated effectively into a patient’s daily life. These logs guide patients through the process of CBT, while sending the data they record to their therapists. This enhances their one on one sessions.


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